Vivace High End Audiophile Balanced XLR Cables - pair

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Curtiscummings from US Audio Mart
Avanti Audio Vivace - 1.5M Pair Balanced XLR w/Furutech FP-60x Rhodium Connectors

The best cable I have.

Matt H
XLR Rhodium Cables

Very high quality cables! Mike was great to work with and responded quickly. The Rhodium Vivace XLR cables connect my SACD player to my integrated amplifier with super clean dynamic sound.

Ari Margolis
Upgraded to Vivace and now I can’t go back!

I’ve used Avanti’s Allegro series cables in my system for the past few months, after demoing them against some much more expensive other brands and preferring the Allegros. But when Mike let me know his new Vivace series was coming, well...I was tempted! I ended up getting one of the first sets of Vivace speaker cables and balanced interconnects. The difference was immediately, tangibly audible! My system is absolutely singing with these cables! I am completely satisfied with these cables and can happily say I am no longer in the market for cables. These are “It” for me...for now.

Hi Ari, thank you for the kind words and glad the Vivace IC's are performing well for you!