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avanti, italian for forward

It's no surprise that our movement as audio enthusiasts is generally always in that direction...forward. Forward toward synergies, forward regarding equipment quality and forward in finding affordable solutions. Without forward, what is there for audiophiles?

Within the search for musical reproduction excellence, audiophiles eventually find a need to upgrade their audio cables in order to realize the top performance level of their gear investments. Whether analog or digital interconnect cables, high end speaker cables or audio grade power cables, our line of Avanti Audio Cables have helped many audiophiles worldwide accomplish just that! See Avanti Audio reviews & feedback here


Avanti Audio Cables - audiophile approved analog and digital interconnects, speaker cables and power cables proudly made in the USA

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Don't stifle your power!

Set your electronics up for success with our 11 and 9 gauge power cables terminated with Furutech connectors and let your music breathe.

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Reviews and Customer Comments

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"Hey Mike, First off let me say that the personal service you've shown is becoming a lost art. Great job. Second, I'm not a cable expert and I don't have any Thousand Dollar cables to compare them to, but they (Allegro Analog XLR IC's) appear to be very well constructed. Ok, now for the best part, I've listened to these cables over 2 plus months now, I've switched between two other sets and these clearly are far superior."

Jim, Massachusetts

"Now the sound is pure bliss, and full energetic at the same time. I am very happy with the cables you made for me. You made these cables fantastically well built, sturdy and using top notch connectors. Job well done!"

Harsh from AB Canada

"Score an unblemished 10 for Allegro cables' first impression; another 10 for professional endurance and partnership; and a third 10 for delivering music that's both beguiling and "just right." READ REVIEW HERE

Jim Merod, Senior Assistant Editor - Positive Feedback

"These are not just cables for people who don’t want to spend too much money, these are cables for anyone who wants a well-built product that will enhance the sound and enjoyment of their home audio system. Highly recommended." READ REVIEW HERE

Dave Thomas, Editor - The Stereo Times

"Good afternoon Mike. The speaker cables are wonderful. Coupled with the McIntosh gear and ML electrostatics I've never had a more embracing natural sound."

Mike, California

"I contacted Avanti about ordering a custom cable, and they were patient, professional and really helped me identify the best option for my system. Their responsiveness was great. The order was filled and shipped very quickly. The sound, is great!"

George, New York

"In addition to looking for the sonic quality in a cable or interconnect, I look for quality of construction, durability, connection security and in general how they feel and manage themselves in an application. I could not ask for more from a cable or interconnect than what I get from Mike's products."

Martin, Washington

Hi Mike.  Happy Holidays.  Connected the power cords this afternoon and was blown away.  Really great stuff. Effortless detail. Just loving it. Will be back.

Ken in New York

"Mike, your cables are a work of art! My system is singing nicely and cable lengths perfect. Packaging top notch, price very reasonable, I’m a happy camper!"

Rick in Idaho

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