History of Avanti Audio and how we got here

History and how we got here

As an avid Hi Fi hobbyist for the past 30 years I like so many others involved in this passion came to realize that it's difficult to purchase the fanciest of hi-fi designs, prettiest of cosmetics and newest technology....and still afford to eat or pay the bills. I very much appreciate high quality music reproduction and always have since my introduction to higher end audio gear many years ago. Since that time, I've had to find ways to fuel my passion on a budget.  

Over the past handful of years, I've been fortunate enough to have assembled two very high quality and revealing audio systems that I listen to daily. When it came time to purchase interconnects and speaker cables for those systems such that I might realize their fullest potential, I was shocked at the prices most of the well-known interconnect and speaker cable manufacturers were charging for their products. I decided to build my own flavor of cables and the results are quite fantastic if I say so myself.  

After a year and a half of research, our hunt for a qualified reference line of cabling and connectors has landed us on our Allegro line of Interconnects and Speaker Cables. Not only did we search out and try many different brands and topologies of the wire itself, we played with various engineering guidelines of grounding and filtering methods too. The end result is a series of Interconnects and Speaker Cables that complement each other with sound that is even-handed and transparent with effortless extension throughout the frequency spectrum. They are neutral without being over analytical, detailed without top end fatigue and have accurate lower registers to allow the listener musical enjoyment for hours on end!

Additional information we'd like to share

Avanti Audio is backed by 60+ combined years of electronic engineering and electronic assembly experience & expertise. This depth of experience is spread between myself and my father who spent his entire working career as an Electronics P.E. Between my father and I, we have designed all of the Avanti Audio cable assemblies together, including our custom Cable Conditioner appliance. All audio cable assemblies (IC's, Speaker cables, Power cables, Digital cables, custom requests, etc.) are assembled & soldered by me (Mike) in Avon, CO USA. All audio cable assemblies that I manufacture follow tried and true (and often, unique) engineering principles for termination, grounding schemas and in some cases filtering technologies that are found in products costing many times over and above what the Avanti Audio Allegro cable line costs. This added technology design is provided as "standard build" in the Avanti Audio Allegro line of audio cables.

The Avanti Audio Allegro cables are almost all built utilizing ultra-fine strand, high purity (five nines) oxygen free copper (OFC) conductors. The exceptions are our 75ohm SPDIF Digital Cables that use a high purity copper solid conductor and Power Cables that use a high purity OFC copper with silver plated conductors. In general, we feel that copper conductors match a great number of gear and speaker types and provide a rich sonic experience without driving the price upward beyond affordable for many listeners.

All soldered connections are assembled with Cardas Quad Eutectic

Standard connector choices range from Wattgate and Furutech Male and IEC power connectors; Neutrik gold pin black metal shell XLR connectors for Balanced cables; ViaBlue (Germany) RCA, Banana and Spade speaker connectors; and Belden Gold Plated RCA or BNC Compression connectors for the 75ohm SPDIF Digital cables.

Most any other Furutech or WBT connector may be ordered if a customer wants a model different than our standard offerings.

We invite you to try any of our Audio or Power Cables
risk free for 30 days in your system. If you're not totally satisfied with their build and sound quality, just return them in the same condition you received them for a full refund (less shipping charges).

Thank you for visiting Avanti Audio !

Best Regards,

Mike Chadwell
Avanti Audio