Vivace High End Audiophile Speaker Cables - stereo set

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Mark Velarde
Vivace speaker cables

Many, many thanks, Mike!!! “To my liking” would be a gross understatement. The Vivace speaker cables are not a “step up” from my Kimber Kable 8TCs -- they feel like a whole staircase up. The best word I can come up to describe them after just a few hours of listening is “sublime.”

I absolutely agree with David Burnett's description of the sound quality and characteristics in his 2/28/23 review below. Greatly improved highs, mids, and lows that I didn’t know my speakers (Dynaudio Heritage Specials) were capable of until now.

I really appreciate the time you took to answer all my questions during our recent phone call.
Congratulations on a creating such a high value product like this and thank you for making it available at such a reasonable price. This is truly “end game” for me.

David Burnett

This review is for the Vivace speaker cables, interconnects, and digital audio cables.

First, I'd like to thank Mike Chadwell. He kept us informed on when the cables were being made, broken in, sent and received by us. That kind of attention is rarely seen, thank you.

We received a pair of Vivace speaker cables, interconnects and digital audio cable. To say we were pleased is an understatement. The bass was noticeably more extended, vocals had more body and the treble had better decay and detail, without being bright. Exactly what we wanted. Thanks for putting an end to our cable search.

They also look great and construction is first rate . Wife likes the color of the speaker cables. One of the only cables that she would agree to be on display in our living room.

Very impressed

I wanted to try a different cable with a different approach. I also needed shorter cable than what I have. Mike’s cables are excellent! Particularly for the price point. He is also a local company for me. I’ve used cables all over the spectrum in terms of price. The cables the Vivace replaced were a very popular “high end” brand and were over 4K new. I really liked Mike’s philosophy with no snake oil applied. OCC copper with excellent terminations. I couldn’t be happier. The cables simply sound fantastic. Very impressed.

Ari Margolis
Awesome speaker cables

I’ve used Avanti’s Allegro series cables in my system for the past few months, after demoing them against some much more expensive other brands and preferring the Allegros. But when Mike let me know his new Vivace series was coming, well...I was tempted! I ended up getting one of the first sets of Vivace speaker cables and balanced interconnects. These definitely gave my system a little shot in the arm. Everything is absolutely singing with these Vivaces! I am completely satisfied with these cables and can happily say I am no longer in the market for cables. These are “It” for me...for now.

Also I want to add that I LOVE the WBT banana terminations on these. They are angled, making them extremely easy to work with. No more wrestling with stuff, unruly cables...turns out you can get sound quality and ergonomics with these. They rock!

Thank you Ari!