Avanti Audio Vivace - our new reference in high-end audiophile cables

The Vivace [vi-vah-chey] Series of high-end audiophile cables from Avanti Audio are our latest generation of reference audio cables that push the envelope in build quality, parts selection and most importantly, sonic bliss! Enter into a world of “being right there sound” and sitting just a few rows back from the performers on stage; experience top to bottom coherency and jump out of your seat dynamics; bask in the refined tonal purity and clarity of fine detail at all listening volume levels all the while experiencing an enhanced presentation and separation of instruments and vocals. Additionally, the Vivace Speaker Cables, Vivace Balanced XLR Interconnects and Vivace Unbalanced RCA Interconnects excel at reproducing the micro dynamics and low-level nuances buried in the music that we audiophiles all appreciate and demand to hear from our equipment investments.

Bottom line, our Vivace High End Audio Cables check all the right boxes for the discerning Audiophile!

If you’re looking for an exciting, dynamic, fast and highly accurate audio cable type for your hi-fi gear connectivity needs, we hope you’ll give our new Vivace Reference Audio Cables a good look and honorable placement into your treasured sound system.

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Avanti Audio Vivace 8.0M CAT7 Ethernet Cable Medium Case
Vivace High End Audiophile Ethernet Cables Digital Audio
  • From $245.00

Digital Interconnects

Avanti Audio Vivace Unbalanced RCA Interconnects - with WBT 0110cu Locking RCA Connectors - 1.5M Length
Vivace High End Audiophile RCA Cables - pair
  • From $500.00

Analog Interconnects

Avanti Audio Vivace Audiophile Speaker Cables - with WBT Locking Bananas and WBT Spades - close up 02
Vivace High End Audiophile Speaker Cables - stereo set
  • From $800.00

Speaker Cables

Avanti Audio Vivace 1.5M Balanced XLR Furutech FP-601R & FP602R  Rhodium IC's
Vivace High End Audiophile Balanced XLR Cables - pair
  • From $400.00

Analog Interconnects