Avanti Audio Allegro, Vivace and Demonstration Audio Cables

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On this page you'll find a summary of all of our audio cable types, our Allegro & Vivace cable series and demonstration audio cables that we offer at a discount. Since 2010 with the introduction of our Allegro series of audio interconnects, speaker cables and power cables, audiophiles around the globe have praised our work and have benefited their sound systems & ears when deciding to purchase audio cables from us.


Our newest audio cable series named Vivace takes the listener a couple of steps up the ladder toward a true reference quality cabling solution. With Vivace, we remain mindful to not steer away from our popular house-sound with a sonic signature that is just ever so slightly to the warm side of dead neutral. Rather, we aim to provide the listener a bit more resolution, dynamics and accuracy while also allowing just a touch of warmth to their music to keep things comfortable and familiar.


Whether a listener chooses solid state amplification, tube amplification, digital transport devices, music servers and streamers or vinyl playback, Avanti Audio has you covered with great sounding solutions for your audio cable needs. We hope you'll decide to put Allegro or Vivace to work for you!

Avanti Audio Cables - high-end audiophile speaker cables, digital & analog interconnects and power cables proudly designed and built in the USA

3 products found in Avanti Audio - High End Audio Cables & Interconnects

Avanti Audio Vivace 8.0M CAT7 Ethernet Cable Medium Case
Vivace High End Audiophile Ethernet Cables Digital Audio
  • From $245.00

Digital Interconnects

Avanti Audio Allegro 110ohm Digital AES/EBU Balanced XLR Interconnects
Allegro High End Digital Audio Cables - each
  • From $190.00

Digital Interconnects


1M DEMO Avanti Audio Allegro Digital AESEBU Interconnect - XLRs 01
Demo Allegro 1M Digital AES EBU Interconnect - XLR's
  • $150.00

Digital Interconnects